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Am I Eligible?

The Pilot Program boundaries are located within the headwaters of the Waller Creek watershed in North Central Austin. If your property falls outside of the current program boundaries, we are happy to help you find additional rebates you may be eligible for. There are lots available!

The Map below shows you the basic areas for the next four program phases. Click on the – [ ] – icon in the top right corner of the map to visit Google Maps where you can enter your address to see if if falls in the program area, explore street names, or search nearby features in detail.

Map showing overlays of the program areas throughout three neighborhoods in Central Austin, Texas.

I'm Interested!

If your property is eligible based on your search in the map above, click here to learn more about what’s next and how to get started.

If your property is not eligible at this time, click here to learn about all the resources currently available to Austin residents that can help you make changes to benefit your landscaping and nearby creeks in the meantime.

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